About Us

Welcome to Graphic Arts Group. Established nearly 40 years ago, we are experts in the field of print and visual communications and stand for consistent, superior service, and high-quality solutions. We provide seamless UK-wide delivery across a wide spectrum of products and services. We offer the assurance of an ISO 9001 certified company and are committed to meeting all requirements to give clients an unparalleled experience.

We bring this range of Social Distancing products to you to enable you to keep your workplace, staff, and customers safe and protected, providing a one-stop-shop for your signage, sanitisation and protective screening needs.


Helping organisations succeed by assisting them to create safe working environments for their staff, customers, and members of the public.


To enable compliant and functional working environments that enable organisations to operate efficiently and safely.


1. Customer first - make it easy for clients

2. Getting things right - quality is key

3. Attitude makes the difference        

4. Working as a team - achieving together