Antimicrobial Technology moves into the mass market

Antimicrobial Technology moves into the mass market

Tech for the masses

There are lots of examples of Industry passing yesterday’s tech to consumer brands for tomorrow. The automotive industry is a great example with F1 pioneering car performance that eventually becomes common place in every day cars specifications. We have seen huge leaps in medical advances during the pandemic with many technologies finding their way to be accepted and useful to the mass market. QR codes are a classic example of this and for years they have been pushed outside of their logistics background only to fail as companies found it expensive to develop consumer content and consumers struggled with WIFI out of home to consume it!


Here today, gone tomorrow?

The pandemic has changed our world forever and for those technologies that have helped to keep us safe and protected, a guaranteed existence in the consumer world is more tangible than ever.

Antimicrobial technology isn’t new. It uses silver-ion technology which has long been known to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Used in medical and scientific environments, there has been a surge in everyday products now containing silver-ion technology in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This technology is particularly useful in todays climate as it is within the product, it is not a coating that washes off, it is introduced at point of manufacture so is in the product. Lasting the lifetime of the product, it is proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of the product making it excellent for items frequently touched or used.

Spoilt for choice

Once an expensive addition and only available on limited products, we now have a vast range of items that can include anti-microbial benefits. Frequently used items such as pens, travel mugs, door handles and even face masks now have this technology reassuring the end user and adding value to the whole supply chain.

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