Return to Learning. Safely.

Return to Learning. Safely.

The scale of the response must match the scale of the challenge

With the government pledging 1bn to schools to ensure no child is left disadvantaged by Covid, there is still mixed feelings from parents as to if their child should return. Many faced with home schooling whilst working from home no doubt welcome the planned return however many families have found lock down challenging with well being adversely effected.

The reality of returning to learning

It is well documented that both students and teachers have been impacted by Covid. The overnight challenge to teach remotely and the switch for children to be home schooled highlighted how important our education system is. Parents turned in to teachers overnight and a new found appreciation for teachers arose!

It’s an anxious return

The change of learning structure and lack of contact has put many at risk with safe guarding and the usual monitoring of vulnerable children lost.

There will be as many teachers anxious to see their pupils as pupils anxious about returning. For the most part, reports indicate children are looking forward to seeing friends and being back in classed based study. This isn’t without a level of fear though as many families worry about becoming ill as well as the pressures of catching up on lost time

Staying Safe

We all know organising children can sometimes be like herding cats! Bring back an entire school whilst following guidelines is no mean feat. Statistics show teachers are no more at risk than other occupations however there will still be a level of anxiety on returning to a crowded environment. University students are spread far and wide and may be more at ease wearing masks and washing hands however also carry a lot of worry in terms of their safety around campus

The uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and returning to the new normal can’t be ignored. Educational staff, students and their families want to be reassured they are returning as safely as possible and they are being cared for.

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