Return to Work. Safely

Return to Work. Safely

Despite an increase in pressure from the government for people to return to work, many would prefer to stay at home

We have been bombarded with instructions, updates political and medical views over the last 6 months and pandemic fatigue has definitely set in. The need for immediate change in habits, behaviours and restrictions on movement has led many to adapt to a new way of living, working and having relationships.

The fears associated with this should not be underestimated 

Change, good or bad, is still change. It can impact us in a way we didn’t expect and it can be difficult to move forward. The initial fear when lockdown first happened pushed us in to a vulnerable state. For many, the change has become a safety blanket.  Fear has meant we avoid contact with people, visiting places we once loved and getting back to how things were seems impossible. A report by perkbox* shows 64% of employees say health and safety is their biggest return to work concern and 58% of employees say their emotional wellbeing has been negatively affected in July

Managing emotional wellbeing is a challenge

We now carry masks like a pack of tissues, anti-bac gel is as normal as a pack of gum and we have nailed Zoom, Teams, FaceTime and Skype (it still works)! We are more aware, informed and open to instructions on how to stay safe yet a whopping 40% of employees said, managing their emotional wellbeing is a challenge when working remotely according to the report. The findings continue to highlight the concerns employees have in returning to work safely whilst also highlighting the move to work from home also comes with its challenges.

Keeping your team engaged, energised and happy is as big a challenge as your commercial recovery and arguably, more important 

The mind-set of employees is certainly going to be challenging for many employers as they look to implement a return to work plan or transition to a home working model

All focus is naturally on a return to profit with recovery plans at the forefront of any management meeting. Its apparent employers are going to need to think different to ensure those working remotely still feel included and part of the brand to ensure those commercial objectives are met

68% of employers are now offering remote working options so the need to adapt the approach to staff moral and engagement has never been more important


Brave the world again

For many that have not been in the office for 5 months, convincing them they need to return to the office is a big challenge. Reminding them of the company values, culture and motivation for joining, alongside reassurance of the safety measures you have put in place will go some way to gaining confidence and trust

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*perkbox Workplace wellbeing report: August Edition


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